Dedication to transport


Known as TMD Transportes Internacionales, Transportes Moso Diez is a company dedicated exclusively to the transport of goods throughout Spain and several European countries. Located in Irun, we are aware of the advantages and benefits that we can bring to our clients, as our headquarters are located in a cross-border city par excellence with exceptional communication structures.

This is one of the reasons why it is easy for us to work with international companies, in addition to those in our environment, offering them the highest quality of service and maximum attention. Being located in a strategic point, we have a number of advantages that our competitors may lack.

In this sense, at TMD we make daily departures from the Centre and North of Spain, working mainly with destinations in our area, but, thanks to the flexibility of our structure, we can adapt these departures and destinations to the needs of our clients. Little by little, we are expanding more and more, currently reaching countries such as Belgium, Holland or Germany, outside Spanish territory.

Our dedication to transport allows us to look closely at every change we implement. We analyse and study the benefits that any new developments in TMD could have for our clients, and as a result, we have built a company full of good values, with our vision always focused on our clients and with very favourable infrastructures to carry out our work 100%.

Dedication to transport and customers

As we have mentioned, our dedication to our sector allows us to improve both the services and infrastructures at our disposal, always with a clear focus on the needs of our customers.

In this sense, we work with proximity and involvement as fundamental values of our services, with the aim of meeting the objectives and expectations of the companies that entrust us with their transport.

Thanks to the following services, we can make daily deliveries of goods throughout Spain, as well as loads in the Central and Northern areas:

  • Warehouse of over 2000 square metres: we have 11 tonne overhead cranes to handle any type and volume of goods.
  • Logistics and handling: we handle and re-dispatch shipments, adapting to the interests and needs of our clients.
  • Full load + groupage: we offer direct service from origin/destination from 3 metres of lorry up to full load.
  • Maximum delivery 48 hours: we take care of deadlines to the smallest detail, aware of their importance in the work processes.

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